about annette golden

My paintings are inspired by mythology and creation stories because they have such a surprising and enduring relevance to contemporary society.  These stories are living testaments to our own beliefs, struggles and sense of identity.  Part of the joy in immersing yourself in history and diverse cultures comes from finding new and alternative interpretations, symbolism and imagery.  Where a work engages with the complexity and diversity of life, it often sparks ideas and discourse, encouraging us to connect at a deeper level.  That connection is a part of the magic of creativity, in whatever form it takes.  My work seeks to reflect that inner journey, inspired by nature and the experiences that connect us all.

My approach favours the intuitive and spontaneous.  The initial “drive” is to create an image but the journey often deviates in many ways far from the original and that unfolding is deeply absorbing and precious.

I have a strong fascination with classical Greek and Roman mythology and the abundance of personas that play out their quite extraordinary interactions.  It is easy to feel close to these characters- they are mighty, profound, complex, powerful, often deeply flawed and occasionally completely ridiculous!  The ancients had a deep tolerance for and understanding of human nature, and while many of the characters may seem exasperating by contemporary standards, they continue to speak volumes in their own fluid and mutable ways.  Classical mythology remains a pool of discovery that still has much to teach us.